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Garden Studio

Garden Studio

When you choose to install garden studios in your garden, you’ll benefit from additional space and somewhere to enjoy your hobby or your profession. Our garden studio rooms are available all year round which gives you a flexible space that fits your needs. They come fully finished and insulated using high-quality materials, ensuring you experience complete comfort and style.

Our garden rooms can be fully customised, enabling you to make a space that is truly unique. Whether you want your own pottery studio, art studio or somewhere you can enjoy painting, your building will become your own. Contact us today to know more about how we can design the perfect garden studios for you.

Benefits of a Garden Studio

Complete Privacy

Whether you want a space to paint or a place to meet with clients, a studio in the garden will give you complete privacy. You won’t be disturbed, you won’t disturb your household and you can focus on whatever you choose to do.

Use it Any Time of the Year

As each garden studio office we provide is built using the latest methods and materials, it will become a space that you can use all year round. Whether it’s raining or shining, you can take yourself away to enjoy doing what you love.

A Personal Space

As our garden studios are flexible and adaptable, they can be used for many different purposes. From listening to music to photography, the space becomes your own and that means you can enjoy its full potential and make it your own.

Get Creative

When you have your own space and privacy, you will find that you become more creative. There are no disturbances or distractions, giving you the freedom to turn your wooden garden studio into a place where you unleash your creative side.


Work from home with garden studios

How Garden Studios help ?

Whatever you do, whether it’s running your own business or enjoying a hobby, our garden studios can become the ideal place for working. You can shut the world out and focus on what really matters, enabling you to become more productive and creative. 

Whether you opt for a wooden or glass garden studios, you are going to benefit from exceptional workmanship and a design that adds real value to your home. You can create your own space that’s detached from the home, giving you the freedom to find a space that works for you. You can add partitions, add your own style and make it feel as though it is a true part of your home. 

We have a wide range of buildings available and we’re confident that we have something for you. Whatever your needs or requirements might be, we want to help you find that perfect space.

Transparent pricing policy

We like to keep things simple because we understand that this is important to you. So, when you choose one of our garden buildings, the price you see is the price you pay. This will include VAT and installation enabling you to budget accordingly. This will include all fittings such as windows, doors, flooring, heating, electrics and insulation - everything you need to get started. 

Our buildings are built to provide durability and comfort and they can withstand the elements, making it a space that is useful and usable. Warm and cosy during winter and bright and airy during summer, you’ll feel right at home in your garden studio.

** Free delivery to the South-East of England only. Ask for more details and eligibility.

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See Our Garden Room Designs & Prices

We believe that we have garden studios for everyone and that’s why we maintain a wide range of designs and styles to suit all. We have a variety of sizes giving you the option to find something that fits your requirements but also your space. 

We also keep our prices as simple as possible. Therefore, the prices you see are the prices you pay which means no hidden costs that add to the final price. Transparency is key and that’s the reason why our prices include everything.

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