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Garden Photography Studio

Garden Photography Studio

Whether you want to start your own photography business or you are looking for a dedicated space for your existing photography business, our garden buildings make for the perfect garden photography studio. 

Garden buildings enable you to create additional space and they are designed to fit your needs because we have a range of options available. When you work from home and run your own business, you can explore the freedom of finding that perfect work-life balance with out garden rooms.

It can be challenging to find space within your home, particularly if you need to focus but with our garden rooms, you can create a professional space that will become your very own garden shed art studio.

We have the ideal solution to solve your problem and fulfil your needs. They offer everything you are looking for and in just a matter of days, you could have your own dedicated room.

Benefits of a Garden Photography Studio

Reduce Costs

You can avoid the need to pay high rental costs for your own photography studio because our garden studio photography rooms give you your own space, which means you can save money!

Save Time

Driving to shoot locations or your rented photography studio takes time. With your own home photography studio, you can save time on travel, giving you more time to arrange more shoots with clients.

It’s Convenient

You can store all of your equipment and have your studio in one place, which is just a few yards from the home. No more carrying heavy equipment and no more having to rely on a rented studio.

Take Control

When you have your own dedicated space, you can set it up however you wish. You can work with more confidence when you know where everything is and when you are working in a familiar environment.


Work from home with a home photography studio

How does a Garden Photography Studio suits your requirement ?

If you want to make your business a success then it makes sense to invest in it the right way. The working environment can help you become more productive and it can give you a professional appearance when clients visit. A garden photography studio shed in the UK will enable you to work from home but also create a professional environment, enabling you to give your business the boost it needs. 

Whatever the season, our garden rooms are designed for use all year round. You can embrace the warmth of summer and enjoy the warmth and insulation during the winter. Your business becomes completely flexible with your own garden photography studio. You can work when you want and how you want - it doesn’t get much better than that!

Transparent pricing policy

We believe that everything should be clear and upfront when it comes to purchasing your garden room. The price that we provide is the price that you pay and that will never change. It will include the installation costs as well as VAT while it will also include a range of features such as plug sockets, doors, lights and more. Once our garden rooms are installed, you’re ready to get shooting.

Our garden photography studio is durable and built to withstand the elements. Fully insulated, comfortable and modern, they will give your business a modern feel.

** Free delivery to the South-East of England only. Ask for more details and eligibility.

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Customisable garden studios

Whatever your style of work might be, you can choose from a range of home photography studio ideas. Our customised garden photography studios will cater to all your requirements. You can choose a space that is ideal for shooting, presenting your work and even storing your equipment - we have a space that is suitable for everyone. 

You can personalise your garden photography studio with a range of options that are included in the price you see. This includes doors, windows, flooring, lighting, heating and electrics, helping you to make the space your own from the moment it’s installed. 

You will benefit from natural light that you can control with the right windows and blinds while you can also introduce partition walls to help create different spaces. Personalising your space couldn’t be easier because we make it easy for you!

See Our Garden Room Designs & Prices

We have a wide range of garden studio shed solutions available. At Garden Retreat Rooms, we make sure that all of our prices are honest and transparent. The price you see is the price you pay, enabling you to get an accurate price for your home photography studio. 

From the design to features and installation, we have something for everyone. We make it possible for you to find your own space, enabling you to call your garden room your very own photography studio.

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