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Garden Office

Garden Office

Whether you run a business from home or you need a space to accommodate your working from home needs, a home garden office from Garden Retreat Rooms is all you need. Why take up space in your home when you can have a modern and comfortable office located in your garden?

Garden buildings helps you create a space that looks professional, enhances productivity and allow you to focus without any distractions. Our garden home office solutions can help you improve your work-life balance by keeping you away from the home, helping to create a divide between the two. However, garden offices are only a few yards from your home which means no stressful commute.

You’ll benefit from a spacious and bright office that comes with everything you need to make the space your own. It’s a cost-effective solution that helps to save money on rent, making our garden office sheds an excellent choice.

Benefits of a Home Office

Reduce Costs

Whether it’s money saved on commuting, money saved on rental costs or even money spent on after-work get-togethers, building a garden office will enable you to reduce your costs. You can run your business in a more cost-effective way which is only a good thing!

Help the Environment

When you choose to set up your garden room office in your garden, you are doing your bit to help the environment. You won’t be commuting which means that you are saving on carbon and doing less damage to the planet at the same time.

Improved Productivity

A garden office makes it possible to remove yourself from all distractions. There will be less noise, fewer conversations and more time to focus on your work. All of that helps you to become more productive.

Use Your Time Better

Whether it’s deciding to work shorter hours due to a lack of commute or simply having the ability to finish earlier because of lost time in the office, you will get more time to yourself. This helps you to overcome the challenges of finding that work-life balance that really matters.


Insulated garden office

Garden Office from Garden Retreat Rooms

Our garden office buildings UK are designed for use all year round. During the winter months, the insulation and heating will ensure your office remains warm and comfortable. They come with the latest insulation which means that you can also save on heating bills, giving you even more of a reason to opt for a small garden office.

During the summer months, you can open the doors and let the warmth and sweet summer breeze fill your office. It’s like working outdoors but from the comfort of a fully functioning office space.

Transparent Pricing Policy

Customer satisfaction is key and we believe in keeping our prices as transparent as possible. Therefore, we make sure that the price you see includes everything you need to get your office in place. The price will include base installation as well as VAT while you will also get doors, flooring, sockets and more as part of the price.

Our buildings are designed with durability in mind which means that they can be used all -year-round. They are insulated to deliver complete comfort, enabling you to make your home office dreams come true.

** Free delivery to the South-East of England only. Ask for more details and eligibility.

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Why a Garden Office?

Our insulated garden offices are designed to give you much more than just a workspace. You can free up space in the home, giving you back your kitchen table or that spare bedroom. You will have the ability to create a dedicated workspace that will enable you to work more productively while helping you to get more from your time.

They are smart and modern while they are available in a range of spaces. So whether you work as a small team or hold meetings, you have the scope to find a garden office building that works for you. 

They come with all fittings such as doors, windows, flooring, insulation, heating and electrics, giving you everything you need to get to work straight away. Installation is quick and in no time at all, you’ll have a workplace that you can call your own.

See Our Garden Room Designs & Prices

We focus on ensuring we make it as easy as possible for you to create an office in garden that does everything you need it to. Our range of garden office pods come in a range of designs and styles, ensuring you can find something that ticks every box. 

At Garden Retreat Rooms, we make sure that our prices are clear and concise, ensuring you pay the price that you see and that also includes everything that you need to get your garden office up and running.

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