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Garden Gym Room

Garden Gym Room

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle, a new business venture as a fitness instructor or you simply enjoy keeping fit, a garden gym room is definitely something you should look for. We have a variety of garden buildings that enable you to create a perfect space that is ideal for keeping active, regardless of your needs.

No more travelling to the gym or waiting around to use the equipment, you can step out of your house and workout without the hassle because you can create a garden gym room with our amazing solutions. 

Whatever your budget and design needs, we have a range of garden gym buildings to choose from. So, you can create an authentic gym or a modern place to keep active, all of which can be done by utilising the space you have in your garden.

Benefits of a Garden Gym Room

Workout in Private with Garden Gym Room

Public gyms aren’t for everyone but our garden gyms UK are! You can create your own space, use your own equipment and workout without the hassle and stress!

Save Money with Garden Gym Room

Gym memberships can cost a lot each month and if you simply don’t feel inspired to make the journey then it’s money wasted. Having your own small garden gym, you can save on gym fees and workout whenever you want.

No Travelling with Garden Gym Room

You won’t have to spend time driving to and from the gym. You can walk from your home to your gym in a matter of seconds, giving you even more of a reason to keep fit and active!

No Closing Time

You can train whenever it suits you. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer training late at night, your gym is open around the clock. No waiting for gyms to open, you’ve got the key and the ability to use it whenever you wish.


Garden Gym Sizes

Workout within the comfort of your home with a Garden Gym Room

We have a garden gym room to fit every need. Whatever you are looking for, we do everything possible to accommodate your needs. From spacious rooms to cosy spaces, we make sure that we have everything covered in our garden gym room. We strive to offer something for all and that’s what makes a difference. We guarantee that you will have no issues finding your perfect garden gym when you come to us!

Transparent Pricing Policy

We place a focus on ensuring we are open and honest when it comes to our pricing. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a price only to find that the price isn’t what you pay if you want the additional features that really matter. In fact, we make sure that we provide a price that includes everything you need to get you up and running. This will include the likes of flooring sockets, doors and lighting. Essentially, we give you very little to think about and that’s what sets us apart. 

Our prices also include base installation and VAT - you cannot get any more transparent than that!

Our buildings are built with durability in mind. Furthermore, they can be used all year round as they are insulated which makes them ideal for the winter. When the sun shines in summer, you can open the doors and train while surrounded by nature - it doesn’t get much better than that.

** Free delivery to the South-East of England only. Ask for more details and eligibility.

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Why a garden gym?

Most people have a desire to add space to their home and many people wish that they had space for their own gym equipment. Taking up a bedroom or a spare room in the home isn’t often the best choice. Furthermore, when people have their gym within their home, they often lack the inspiration to use it because the sofa is often the preferred choice.

Extending the home can prove costly and with it comes a lot of disruption but with our garden rooms, you can go from having a lack of space to having more space in a matter of days! We have rooms in a range of sizes and our prices are based on the internal footprint measurements which means we have something to fit your budget. 

When you choose us for your garden gym room UK, you will have windows, lighting, heating and doors included, all that’s required is your own gym equipment and you’re ready to go!

See Our Garden Room Designs & Prices

At Garden Room Retreats we have a room for every need. If you are looking to create your own home garden gym then you can explore our range of garden rooms to find one that fits your needs. 

We also place a focus on ensuring we keep our prices as transparent as possible. So, the price you see is fully inclusive for the design and size. We have a wide range of garden buildings to choose from because we recognise that everyone has a unique set of needs. So, whether you want an intimate space that’s suitable for home workouts or a space that’s large enough to workout with clients, we have something that fits your needs.

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