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Garden Cinema Room | Home Cinema

Garden Cinema Room | Home Cinema

Our garden rooms are flexible and versatile which means that you have the potential to use them to create your very own garden cinema room. Decide on your perfect cinema room with our wide range of design and styling options.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a comfortable and cosy space to your home or you are a movie-lover who loves relaxing with a film, our garden cinema room has everything that you are looking for. We have a wide choice of designs and styles for our garden cinema room, giving you the ability to create a garden home cinema that is modern, stylish, spacious and reflects your creativity throughout.

Benefits of a Home Cinema

Complete Privacy

Creating your own garden cinema enables you to create a space that is completely private. You can sit back, relax and enjoy films without being disturbed or disturbing anyone else, creating the perfect setting every single time!

Garden Cinema Room - Space That’s Truly Yours

Garden cinemas can become your dedicated space. From film memorabilia to a large screen and surround system. You can design your space around your needs, helping you to get the most from your home cinema experience.

It’s All About You

Watch films whenever you want because your garden movie cinema is all yours. From cinema room interior design to the comforts you love. You can add your personality to your very own space.

A Room For All

Whether it’s a space where you can escape for some peace or a space to keep the little ones entertained, the garden cinema room experience is one that everyone can indulge in, regardless of age!


See Our Garden Cinema Room Designs & Prices

Bespoke Garden Cinema Room from Garden Retreat Rooms

At Garden Retreat Rooms we don’t just focus on providing an exclusive range of garden room designs because we also make sure that our prices remain competitive. What we aim to offer is a clear approach to our pricing which means that the price you see is the price that you pay. We believe that honesty is vital when the time comes to create your perfect outdoor home cinema.

Home Cinema Room - Transparent Pricing

Transparency sits at the heart of all that we do and that means that we always provide clear prices. This enables you to instantly understand what fits within your budget with no nasty surprises or costs along the way for your garden buildings. Your quoted price will include everything you need and expect. This will include base installation as well as VAT. You’ll also receive flooring, electric sockets and even sliding doors, ensuring your building is ready to use as soon as it is installed.

We make sure that our buildings are designed and installed to offer complete flexibility which means that they can be used at any time of the year. They are fully sealed and insulated which means that you can experience true comfort every time you step foot inside.

** Free delivery to the South-East of England only. Ask for more details and eligibility.

Garden Cinema Rooms - The smart entertainment space you never knew you needed!

Our garden rooms certainly don’t disappoint. This is because they are manufactured using high-quality materials that really stand out. When you install a garden room, you can create a home cinema that will transform your life and change how you live forever. You'll really wonder how you ever managed without it!

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Let us make your Home Cinema a reality!

When it comes to our garden cinema rooms, we understand what you are looking for which is why we can help you to create a space that is unique to you. It’s comfortable, versatile and can create the ideal place to escape it all.

They are designed with excellent craftsmanship in mind and are versatile enough that they can be used all year round. Furthermore, you’ll always know how much you’re paying as we like to keep things honest and transparent.

Give us a call or drop into one of our showrooms to talk about your Garden Home Cinema Ideas and let us turn them into reality!

What Are The Building Sizes?

Our Building Sizes

We have a vast array of styles and designs to fit a range of budgets. From small garden rooms to lavish spaces that capture the needs of your family. If you are looking to enjoy an outdoor movie at home, we’re confident we have everything you are looking for. Our buildings are designed to become your very own retreat and that’s why we offer a range of sizes. We provide internal floor area measurements that enable you to visualise the size of the space, giving you the ability to understand how much space you will be gaining.

Where Are The Buildings Constructed?

UK Design & Construction

Our aim is to help you design and create a space that suits your specific requirements. To achieve this, we place a focus on each project, taking care throughout the process. Our attention to detail really sets us apart but this enables us to build a space that instantly becomes a part of you and your home.

Why Install A Garden Room?

Enhanced Privacy

Our garden rooms are detached from the home. This gives you extra space that is private in every possible way. So whether you want to immerse yourself in surround sound or simply sink into comfortable seating to relax for the evening, we help you create your very own private cinematic experience.

Additional Space 

With a home cinema comes big equipment and our buildings enable you to maximise this space by adding projectors, comfortable sofas and even film memorabilia. You can keep this dedicated space purely for your enjoyment of films, giving you the perfect space to escape to!

Completely Secure 

Our buildings come with insurance grade locks installed and we also install toughened double glazing across all of our buildings. This helps to provide complete peace of mind knowing that your possessions will remain safe and secure.

Use it at any time of year

Your garden cinema is always waiting for you, regardless of the season or the weather! They are fully insulated which is ideal for keeping those cold winter evenings at bay while they remain cool during the summer months. This means that you can watch your favourite films without worrying about the weather!

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