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Cabin Range


£ 13,900

Height 2.5 m
Depth 2.6 & 3.1 m
Width 3.7 m

Smallest in our range, glass front.


£ 14,900

Height 2.5 m
Depth 2.6 & 3.1 m
Width 4.3 m

Naturally light interior, terrace.


£ 15,900

Height 2.5 m
Depth 2.6 & 3.1 m
Width 4.9 m

Added privacy. Sliding front doors, terrace.


£ 16,900

Height 2.5 m
Depth 3.1 m
Width 5.5 & 6.1 m

Bigger terrace. Covered terrace option.


Height 2.5 m
Depth 2.6 & 3.1 m
Width 6.1 m

Commercial office, storage room.


Height 2.5 – 3.5 m
Depth 2 – 4 m
Width 2 – 10 m

Modify the models as you wish.


Our commercial range is designed to suit the individual client. Can be used for leisure or work. Ample storage space.

-Height 2.5 m
-Depth 2.6 & 3.1 m
-Width 6.1 m

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Our outbuildings qualify as permitted development, subject to conditions.

  • Permitted development means garden room planning permission is not required, dependent on the limitations and conditions outlined below. Our cabins have a standard height of 2.5m. They are exempt from building regulations under specified conditions. Please refer to terms & conditions for more info.

Listed below are the garden room planning permission rules and whether you need permission for your dream garden room, office or log cabin.

  • On designated land, outbuildings to the side of the house are not permitted. Designated land, in this case, refers to areas deemed as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs). AONBs typically include national parks, B roads (numbered distributor roads), conservation areas, and World Heritage sites.

  • Outbuildings are not permitted on the grounds of a listed building. Listed buildings are structures that hold some degree of historical or architectural importance.

  • In national parks, B roads, AONBs, and World Heritage sites, the total area covered by any outbuildings more than 20 metres from any wall of the house must not exceed 10 square metres. Otherwise, the build will not qualify as permitted development.

  • The build of an outbuilding is not permitted if the building is forward of the principal elevation of the original house. The original house is the house as it was first built, and the principal elevation is the front of the house that generally faces the road.
  • Outbuildings and other additions must not surpass 50% of the total area surrounding the original house. All other outbuildings and extensions, such as sheds, must be accounted for when calculating the 50% limit.

  • To qualify as permitted development, an outbuilding must not be a self-contained living accommodation or have its own microwave antenna.

  • Outbuildings must be single-storey and not surpass the maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres. The overall height of the building must not surpass 3 metres. If the building has a dual pitched roof, however, its overall height must not surpass 4 metres.

  • If within 2 metres of the property boundary, the entirety of the outbuilding must not surpass 2.5 metres in height.
Disclaimer: Please note, the information provided above is derived from the UK Government Planning Portal. It is not official advice from Garden Retreat Rooms. We encourage you to consult with all relevant sources and make enquiries before proceeding with any construction project.

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